Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Temple SUCCESS Story!

Paige performed Dreidel Dreidal with Cantor Jackie!

A bit of a backstory here: the last time we were at Temple this year it was for the High Holy Days.  Paige wasn't "feeling" services and had a HUGE meltdown in the middle of services......I finally scooped up all 40 pounds of her and slug her partly over my shoulder to make as quick of an exit as possible........

Nothing like the goyem providing the "entertainment" at High Holy Day services!

Fast forward to this Friday, we had plans to go to "Torah Tots" service with Grandma Carole, Papa George, Shirley, Peter and the Weiss Family including Noah and Jared!

True story:  I prayed to Jesus Friday afternoon, and asked Him to help Paige behave and enjoy services at our Temple. 

Well, from this picture you can see He answered my prayers!  See her with the pink bow right under the Arc? Paige did GREAT!  She went up on the bima and sang songs with all the other children. 

Paige got a bird's eye view, of the Torah in the Arc;

She danced the "Torah Dance" with Cantor Jackie;

And hung out with Noah, Jared, Tracy (she is their mom even though she looks like she is 2 years old in the picture).

After I took this picture, Tracy said, "I feel like E.T. all squished down for the picture!"  Paige replied, "I feel like Wall-E!"  Tracy & I looked at each other and felt "old".......E.T. did not come out 20 years ago, right!?!?

All in all a good time was had by all!

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