Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Had Someone Better Than Santa At Our House Today!

The FedEx Man! In his delivery TWO new pictures of our Lily! Sorry Santa, but that's hard to top!

I just cannot wait to kiss that sweet head.....

.......and rock her to sleep......

P.S. Santa: thank you for making all my wishes come true :)

Some More Pictures From Our Lily Day Yesterday!

We get the call from our agency, we can go to their office & see Lily's face!

Family of 3 about to turn in to 4!

1st Family Photo of 4!

A sight I never thought my eyes would see, my two baby girls!

And after more mountains of paperwork, it only gets better from here!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Our Daughter........

Our Lily

........this moment is worth every minute of our 45 month wait :)

she is 10 months old
birthday february 26, 2009
waiting for us: GaozHou City Social Welfare Institute, Guangdong Province

her favorite toy are toys that make sound, she is a deep sleeper :), and is closest to care taker......

we hope to leave in 4 weeks or 7 weeks to travel around the Chinese New Year......WE ARE READY TO GO TOMORROW!

We Have Received Our Call, Today Is THE Day!

and we will wait no more, today our red thread brings our Lily to us.........we're off to the agency, we shall return with a picture to share!

Monday, December 28, 2009

We've Got A Feeling About Tomorrow.......

.......that the stork just may be flying tonight! this V-E-R-Y night! Fingers crossed and many prayers being said.......stay tuned!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ummmmmmmm....Rumor Queen Post Tonight...

All I can say on this Christmas Eve is Thank You Santa & Thank You God......

Paige & I just got back from lighting candles & saying prayers for Lily at our local Shrine, and I get back to this post on the Rumor Queen website (for those that do not know Rumor Queen, it is a website that is like the bible for waiting parents who are adopting from China, she posts daily about what rumors are being said in the world about waittimes, the special needs program, travel approvals coming through, EVERYTHING) and this is her post tonight:

December 24th, 2009

"An agency has posted that the CCAA’s internal box has changed to show matches through April 3rd.

Usually we get a lot of agencies reporting this when it happens… but with today being Christmas Eve? We may not see agencies confirming it until Monday.

I’ve been peaking in occasionally this morning, but our out of town family will begin arriving soon and then I won’t be able to check in as often.

With only one agency saying it, it’s hard to give it an R rating. It is definitely not an R4 or R5 until we get more agencies saying it, though.

If the cut off is the 3rd, that would be very disappointing (unless you happen to be included, of course). Here are the projections. I really don’t want to have to make a smaller column."

WE ARE AN APRIL 3rd FAMILY!!!!!!!!! It appears our time is edging closer, and closer.......what an amazing Christmas Gift!

I am SOOOO happy to post this!

"Welcome to Child Referral

Expand image Traditional Program Child Referral

April 2006


Working On The Next Set Of Matches

We believe the CCAA is currently working on the

next set of matches. We do not know the cutoff

date on the next set of matches at this time.

We will update this website as soon as more

information becomes available.

We wish you and your family a wonderful

holiday season!"

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Right now in China our

Lily may already to MATCHED to our family!

As Jack always says, "We're Adlers! We're FIRST!"

So with that theory Lily's filed has probably already

been matched to our family's file! I knew there

was more than one reason I loved Jack!

Santa, do you think you have room for

our match in your sleigh tonight??!!

During Our Being "Next" Time........

There have been sharing ice pops & lolly pops with daddy.........

passing a little bit of boredom.......

.......and definately ALOT of silliness while waiting!

Oh Lily just you wait until you meet your family
discover how silly we are
how much we already love you!


China has matched up until March 31, 2006! Which means WE ARE NEXT when the next set of referrals come through. It will be a long month or more!

This set of referrals arrived December 2, 2009. We have at least 18 to 52 days until receiving Lily's referral--after waiting 44 months, now that we are down to days, I can handle that!