Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lily's Adoption Update:

Referrals were delayed a little last month due to the Swine Flu.........but we officially have 14 log in dates ahead of us before we see Lily's picture when we get our referral!

October is shaping up to be our month for our referral!  I don't know if I believe I will see my Lily's face in less then 4 short months......after almost 4 years since we started the adoption process, can it finally be our turn?!

My friend, Kim, left today for China to meet her little baby Annie.  So very exciting! 

And another friend, Tina, will most probably get her referral NEXT month...just WEEKS away!

This is starting to finally happen PEOPLE!!!!!

Please keep praying, we are close, but not there yet and we need your prayers still.  

The Swine Flu is lingering in the background of families travel to China.  I know of one American family who was quarantined at their hotel for 7 days because they showed signs of the flu when arriving off the plane......the father had a positive culture for Swine Flu and is now quarantined in a Chinese Hospital.  The USA has issued a travel alert to all citizens traveling to this journey is still far from over for many families....... 

She Danced Her Brains Out.....

.........with such poise & grace!

Mommy & Daddy were so very proud of you & your accomplishment!

Paige's Dance Recital "Speech"......

This was a HUGE accomplishment for Paige, because at dress rehearsals she put her head down and cried when it was her turn to say her name.........we practiced all week, and I am so proud of her!

The recital video will be a while, I have to ask Jack to download it for me, but we have it and it is GREAT!

Music Mania - Dance Recital 2009!

The dance studio, which is owned, run, & taught by the one of the sweetest & most calm woman on the planet, Miss Lorraine.  She started her career in entertainment at the age of nineteen when she began dancing professionally with Six Flags Productions. She then performed on different cruise ships and with professional shows throughout the country.

This is Miss Lorraine's 1st Dance Studio, and Paige has been dancing with her since day 1.  It was great to see her studio's attendance SOAR from last year to this year's recital!  She says she is living her dream and it's nice to see that happen to someone soooo nice & special in Paige's life!

Before the recital started she had the students who were awarded trophies this year, come up on the stage and announce their names to the audience.

Here is my lady "Joyfully Performing" before she announced her name to a full house. 

Here she is celebrating during the costume parade!  I love that my lady is just so HAPPY in her life! 

Paige Earned Her 1st Trophy EVER!

Paige completed her 2nd year of dance with our neighborhood dance studio in May.  She was BESIDE herself when she received her dance trophy!

I am proud of my little girl, for choosing an activity and sticking with it!

She is taking the summer off from her dance lessons.....since this will be the last summer she is my only daughter, and we have been reading loads of books, learning American History by watching Little House On The Prairie dvds :), (Paige will say can we watch "history" mom?)  We are waiting for some Little House books & American Girl Kirsten books to be delivered  from our continue our "history" lessons during the rain/thunder/hail storms we get every afternoon around here.

I am spoiling her rotten........Yes, I am guilty!  

I can say with confidence that this will be her last summer as an only child, next summer my Paige will be a BIG sister!

So I am enjoying the heck out of these days.........but we are both excited to have Lily join in our daily adventures....

....A Little Girl's 4th Birthday Dreams Come True......

My niece who shares Jack's birthday had a most amazing birthday with her mom at the American Girl Cafe!

Paige & I went with our "chosen family" Cheryl & Kirby last summer so when I talked to the birthday girl on the phone we were able to discuss the special pink lemonade, the bright pink gerber daisies on the table, the appetizer spread with pretzel rolls, strawberries, melon cut into gerber daisy shapes.......she was a little confused as to how I knew so much about the restaurant she was sitting in with my sister, while I was not there!

Here is my little niece gabbing away to me during her special kills me!

The great thing about all the technology our world has is that I was able to experience her American Girl lunch like I was sitting across the table from her!

Glad you had such a special day!  Cathy Loves You Kid!

A Bit of a "blogging break" For This Mama! I didn't just get off the island after my stint on Survivor, do you REALLY think I would EVER EVEN ATTEMPT that show?  Amazing Race, yes....they have toilets, food, & 12 hour REST periods!

So I am back!  And will be blogging again to my best ability.......