Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paige Earned Her 1st Trophy EVER!

Paige completed her 2nd year of dance with our neighborhood dance studio in May.  She was BESIDE herself when she received her dance trophy!

I am proud of my little girl, for choosing an activity and sticking with it!

She is taking the summer off from her dance lessons.....since this will be the last summer she is my only daughter, and we have been reading loads of books, learning American History by watching Little House On The Prairie dvds :), (Paige will say can we watch "history" mom?)  We are waiting for some Little House books & American Girl Kirsten books to be delivered  from our continue our "history" lessons during the rain/thunder/hail storms we get every afternoon around here.

I am spoiling her rotten........Yes, I am guilty!  

I can say with confidence that this will be her last summer as an only child, next summer my Paige will be a BIG sister!

So I am enjoying the heck out of these days.........but we are both excited to have Lily join in our daily adventures....

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