Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paige & Her Imaginary Cousins In Action! #4

Last video/post! just gotta love my kiddo!

Paige & Her Imaginary Cousins In Action! #3

Video/post #3 continued in "imaginary cousin" video series!

one more to follow! :)

Imaginary Cousin, Video #2

........this one is continued from the video/post below so scroll down to see it.

.....more to follow my people!

Paige & Her Imaginary Cousins In Action!

So Paige played "Super Model!" today, she was trying on her holiday 2009 & going to meet Santa outfit today and needless to say her reaction to it was "LOVE IT MOMMY!"

Then, she started talking about her "imaginary cousins" which infiltrate our house regularly these days.........and I got it on video, there are a couple of videos so I will post more in different posts here, stay tuned for more "Paige Moments" and tell me if you think she needs counseling! :)

P.S: our phone started ringing in the end of this video, so it is NOT your phone ringing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Paige Is Now Taking Musical Theater & Loving It!

Yes, my little ballerina has decided this year, she would rather take Musical Theater! So we hung up the leotard & tights and put on Paige's rather "outgoing personality" and love of putting on shows and sent her to Musical Theater!

Here she is right before her 1st class, as you can see by the video she was a little excited to say the least!

Friday, October 16, 2009

FINALLY Some Good News On The Adoption Front For A Change!

It seems I only have negative things to post about Lily's adoption, so I am THRILLED to finally have some positive news to put out there in the blogsphere!

Tonight we received an email from our agency letting us know that our pre-placement packet was ready to be downloaded from our agency's website for adoptive parents!

Believe it or not this is the LAST packet we will receive from our agency BEFORE we receive Lily's referral.........after 42 months of officially waiting & thinking many times this just isn't going to happen, we have finally received our preplacement packet! this is good news! It proves we are 1 to 2 months from receiving referral!

Fly China Center of Adoption Affairs stork, FLY! FLY! FLY!

The best part of this blog post, is this little gem:
Paige, the sweetest, funniest, smartest gift from God (thank you God!), handed me this picture she made for me. "This picture is Lily finally coming home to our house."

She is bald in the picture because I have told her numerous times that Lily may have a shaved head when we bring her home. She keeps saying, Lily will have cute pony tails and I don't want her to be disappointed. She is clearly listening to me!

She handed me this picture less than 30 minutes before I received the email telling us of our preplacement packet........I think God is clearly talking to my girl, don't you!?