Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day Of School was A SUCCESS!

Paige received 5 awards for using a polite word......yes she said FIVE polite words in 3 hours people!


Received a "GREAT DAY" report card sent home to Jack & I!

that's a fantastic job Paige, Mommy & Daddy are very proud of you!

.......and no, sweet child of mine, you are not getting a prize because you got a great report card........

yes, she asked...."just something little mommy to play with"........oy!  these kiddos!

1st Day Of School!

yes, it is that time of year again and Paige was THRILLED to start school again!  She really missed her friends and the routine........

here she is with her reading & math teacher, Miss Heather
here she is ready to get in the car and GO TO SCHOOL! she is playing legos with her friend who was in her class last year at Meet The Teacher last week....

......walking in to Meet The Teacher day last week, watch out Miss Lucy & Miss Sara!  :)

Styling at Meet Your Teacher Day....she picked out the dress, shoes, & hat :)

And lastly, a video of my girl ready to rock her way into Preschool for one more year!