Thursday, June 25, 2009

....A Little Girl's 4th Birthday Dreams Come True......

My niece who shares Jack's birthday had a most amazing birthday with her mom at the American Girl Cafe!

Paige & I went with our "chosen family" Cheryl & Kirby last summer so when I talked to the birthday girl on the phone we were able to discuss the special pink lemonade, the bright pink gerber daisies on the table, the appetizer spread with pretzel rolls, strawberries, melon cut into gerber daisy shapes.......she was a little confused as to how I knew so much about the restaurant she was sitting in with my sister, while I was not there!

Here is my little niece gabbing away to me during her special kills me!

The great thing about all the technology our world has is that I was able to experience her American Girl lunch like I was sitting across the table from her!

Glad you had such a special day!  Cathy Loves You Kid!

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