Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lily's Adoption Update:

Referrals were delayed a little last month due to the Swine Flu.........but we officially have 14 log in dates ahead of us before we see Lily's picture when we get our referral!

October is shaping up to be our month for our referral!  I don't know if I believe I will see my Lily's face in less then 4 short months......after almost 4 years since we started the adoption process, can it finally be our turn?!

My friend, Kim, left today for China to meet her little baby Annie.  So very exciting! 

And another friend, Tina, will most probably get her referral NEXT month...just WEEKS away!

This is starting to finally happen PEOPLE!!!!!

Please keep praying, we are close, but not there yet and we need your prayers still.  

The Swine Flu is lingering in the background of families travel to China.  I know of one American family who was quarantined at their hotel for 7 days because they showed signs of the flu when arriving off the plane......the father had a positive culture for Swine Flu and is now quarantined in a Chinese Hospital.  The USA has issued a travel alert to all citizens traveling to this journey is still far from over for many families....... 

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