Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fed Ex Rocks!

As you may recall, I ordered one of my "dream strollers" for Lily last week, when I found it for 70% off the retail price online!  It was delivered via Fed Ex just 3 days after we ordered it!  

If only China processed their adoptions as quickly as Fed Ex delivers -- we would have had Lily home for ages!

Thank you again Grammy & Pop Pop for funding Lily's stroller!!!

And may I present, Lily's Silvercross Dazzle stroller in Pumpkin!  My FAVORITE color! 

This should be easy to spot in the sea of strollers during our Disney World weekly jaunts!

Daddy looks ready to stroll with his 2nd baby!

Paige put her stamp of approval on my purchase!  "Very comfy Mama!"

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