Saturday, December 27, 2008

St. Louis Cousins are in Orlando To Celebrate Hanukkah!

Last night we went to Hanukkah Services at our temple.  We met Grandma Carole, Papa George, Aunt Rachel, cousin Allyson, and Cousin Daniel.  Paige was VERY excited to see her cousins!

When Paige woke up from her nap yesterday, she said, she didn't want to go to Temple, because "Temple is boring......."

She doesn't look too bored up on the bima with Rabbi Engle helping him hold his prayer cup, now does she?

Then we all had Hanukkah dinner at the Temple & lit our own menorahs - thank you Grandma Carole for bringing them!

Mother and Son lighting the Hanukkah lights together...........this big boy was in his mommy tummy the day of my wedding.......I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up!

........then back to Grandma Carole's & Uncle George's condo for some Hanukkah presents!

Jack was surprised and excited as a 12 year old boy - His parents got him a Wii gaming system!

And the cousins, each got their very OWN digital cameras!!

Here they are ready to start snapping away!  Get ready for your closeups family & friends!

Thank you Grandma Carole & Papa George for your very generous gifts!


Shannon said...

It ought to be fun to see what kind of pics Paige ends up taking! Make sure you post them, ok?

Whitney said...

very lucky...i want a Wii so bad.