Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

Paige "gets it" this the holidays are extra special in my life this year!

We prayed to God, and thanked him for letting the oil last 8 nights instead of 1 night, so we can celebrate Hanukkah!  

We also prayed for the children all around the world who won't get holiday gifts this year and who won't have a special holiday meal (Paige did give presents to two 11 year olds from the  Salvation Army Angel Tree this year - I want her to know just how lucky we are!)  

And of course ended our prayer with, "and please bring Lily home soon! AMEN!"

Paige got her very own menorah, complete with wooden flames, so Mommy doesn't have an anxiety attack watching her little one hold a lit candle!  Thank you Grandma Carole & Papa George!

........sitting down to dinner AT the dining room table as a family!  That's our very own "miracle" in our house!

Lighting the menorahs.........

Paige waiting oh so patiently, with garbage bag in hand, while Daddy opened her 1st night need a masters degree in opening childrens' toys to get these things out of the box!

Paige completely immersed in her Littlest Pet Shop toy world.........a very Happy 1st Night of Hanukkah 2008!


Shannon said...

These pictures and the story made me cry! What a beautiful family time of worship! I hope you have a fabulous Hanukkah, and that God will truly answer your prayers. Lily home for next Hanukkah - AMEN!

And here's a Hanukkah miracle! I think I figured out how to actually comment on your blog!

Whitney said...

she's so cute!