Friday, December 26, 2008

He ate, He delivered, He left GIFTS!

Santa stayed true to tradition and ate his oreos and drank the milk Paige left him.

Rudolph ate his whole carrot.

And Santa brought Hermey his new toothbrush.

And Santa left a thank you note for Paige and the race car set with 3 extra cars that she asked him for this year!

He also left her the ski slope holiday "decoration toy" that Paige had said she wanted a million times after seeing a similar one in the window of Janie & Jack at our local mall....

.......AND he also gave her the Talking Tinker Bell doll that she mentioned MANY times.........

Paige thought it was pretty nice that Santa left her Tinker Bell & and ski slope toy even though she didn't ask him for them when she visited him in person.

"Mommy, but how did Santa know?", "Santa has many elves that peek in the kids houses to see how they are behaving and see if there is anything else they wanted but forgot to tell Santa."       Paige thinks it over.............."Oh......." more year down with her believing in Santa Claus!!!!!!  Her mommy does too!

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!


Ron said...

Nice racetrack, I know that thing very well; Jensen is on his second one now.

Very nice pics!

Shannon said...

Yea, that Santa dude, he's pretty smart!