Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lily may not be closer to coming home.....BUT.......

I ordered her stroller last night!!!!  Thank you Mommy for "funding" my stroller obsession!

As any of you who know me, I love purses, after becoming a mom, I now love diaper bags and strollers!  My mother in law fed my stroller obsession....at one point I had about 7 strollers in my garage!

After this never ending wait for Lily, I told myself, I am treating myself to a new stroller for Lily.  I have made a "dream list", and one of my "dream strollers" was 70% off last night on one of my budget boards that I read daily..........and the color, PUMPKIN, my favorite color, I LOVE ORANGE.......was available!!!  How cool will Lily look in her new stroller, and how comfy will she be!?  Looks soooo cozy, no??

Apparently, Lily will be among "star baby company" because I found this picture of Marsha Cross with her twins in the same stroller!  

Paige is already grumpy that she has to use her red stroller........she wants an orange stroller too.......oh can their be sibling rivalry when the siblings live in different countries???

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