Friday, March 20, 2009

While Paige Is On Vaca In Tampa.......

..........I am having some quality time with our pets, the 1st babies of our family :)

.....Paige is having a complete BLAST and told Aunt Thel & Melissa that she will come home tomorrow to give me my birthday present, but will go BACK to Tampa right after for a lot more nights!  (Thank You again Aunt Thel, Cousin Melissa & "Silly" Cousin Lee!)

When Aunt Thel asked her if she wanted to call her Mama, Paige simply said, "No....."
I know my little kiddo, and she thinks if she talks to me, I will tell her it's time to come home!  She is my smart cookie!

And I am thrilled that she is living large away from Jack & I.....I am so proud of her for being brave & enjoying a new experience.  

This reassures me she will be a-okay while Jack & I leave her at home with our parents while we are in China bringing home Lily........

It's nice to have a little quiet time at home while Paige is on "vaca"  but it's just not the same without her.......

I think Dottie (our cat), Emmaline (our yorkshire terrier), and Lola (our chihuahua) are starting to go through separation anxiety.......they seem depressed today......or maybe enjoying a few days without a 4 year old giving them hugs ALL DAY LONG!

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