Sunday, March 22, 2009

Something I Found On One Of My China Adoption Message Boards That Made Me Smile...

You Might Be Adopting From China If....

* you know that I-600, I-171, & I-800 aren't highways

* you've been expecting a baby for over 3 years

* you understand that it's 2006 in some parts of the world

* you've "paid for" 3 citizenships, but never brought anyone into the U.S.A.

* you know that waiting for "China" has nothing to do with Tiffany & Co., patterns, or dishes

* your homestudy report is followed by a number (i.e. #3)

* you never know how many days "next month" will have

* you know that babies come in batches

* you've been fingerprinted three times, but never committed a crime

* you look twice when you see a ladybug

* you are more interested in what will happen in March 2006 than in March 2009

* you have friends & family who understand when you talk about 2 day months & 5 day months

* your "due date" hasn't changed by just days, but also years

* you know who Rumor Queen is...AND...understand you don't know who she is

* when you speak of "that time of the month" you're talking about the CCAA (The Chinese Center Of Adoptions Affairs) sending new referrals to waiting families around the globe

* you love someone you've never met with all your heart & soul  :)

love you my sweet Lily wherever you are........


Shannon said...

Is this not the absolute truth! MAN! COME ON ALREADY! Let's get Lily HOME!

Heather said...

So true! And it's amazing how much this program has changed since 2005 when we were eagerly awaiting our referral for Sydney.