Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paige's New Cuddle Baby Has Arrived from Canada!

As most of you know I am obsessed with This website sells everything from hairbows, clothes & purses, to dolls, paintings & more by very talented people.  

Not only are the products unique and awesome, but they are handmade by actual people and not by a machine in some factory....I like that!

So one thing that Mommy loves, and now Paige too are Waldorf Dolls......I picked out one for me (yes, I am about to be 37) and my mom bought her for me for my birthday.....I've had my doll a couple of weeks, and Paige just fell in love with her.....and would "borrow" her some nights when she thought there were monsters in her room and poof!  she would be asleep in minutes after cuddling Mommy's "cuddle baby" who Paige named Rosie.

Paige & I decided to count up her piggy bank money to see if she had enough $$$ to buy her very own cuddle baby......Jack donated a bunch of spare and took her to Publix to "coinstar" her change into dollars...she thought this was cool......

She had enough $$$, so onto, to order her own cuddle baby made especially for Paige, by a wonderful person named Chris who lives in Canada.

It was a good lesson in patience for Paige, because she had to wait for the doll to be made by Chris, then for the mail man to deliver Baby Lilac (that's what Paige named her) from Toronto to Orlando.........

Here's the video of her opening dad had picked up our mail, when he got back to the house, Paige was in the bathroom, so we just put the package on the floor for Blogging Mommy to get the "video play by play".......

I think we have a tiny glimpse of how excited Paige will be once Lily comes home here!

PS:  if anyone would like to order a cuddle baby like Lilac here is the link to Chris' Etsy store

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