Friday, March 27, 2009

A Recap Of Paige's Tampa Vacation In Pictures.....part 3

(oops!  I uploaded these pictures backwards, sorry!)

Paige enjoyed her 2nd dessert of the night with a free mint chocolate chip Rita's Ice!  YUMMO!  Every year Rita's gives free ices on the 1st day of Spring........our family DOES NOT miss this delicious fun!

Paige's 1st dessert of the night was Elephant Ears at the Elephant Bar Restaurant......interesting that that was the restaurant they chose after seeing elephant's a the zoo earlier in the day........

Do you think my family thought to themselves while looking at the elephants, 
"Selves, those elephants ears sure do look tasty!  Let's have them for dessert tonight!"


.....back at the zoo earlier that day.......Cousin Lee helped Paige feed a giraffe!
Feeding the giraffe is mommy's 2nd favorite thing at the Lowry Zoo, and cousin Melissa finally got the picture Mommy has been trying to take forever!  Paige feeding the giraffe!

I think I get so excited and caught up in the moment, I physically can't take a picture!

In case you are wondering: my FAVORITE thing at the Lowry Zoo is the orangutans, I could sit there for hours watching them :)

.......and my sweet Paige visited her penquins, you think she likes them?

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