Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's That Time Of The Month Again!....

no, people, not "THAT" time of the month, it's Matching Time at the Chinese Center Of Adoption Affairs in China!

Right now there are Matching Room employees with waiting families' dossiers stacked on their desks, and little pictures of Chinese babies that are needing families........

This worker then "matches" the babies and parents together and then POOF a family is born!

So on my Chinese adoption Rumor board, it is known that matching is beginning for this months's a little earlier then usual because the CCAA wants to clear off their desks when they leave for the Chinese New Year holiday!

On another note, a friend of mine has a 3/22/06 LID (ours is 4/3/06) and she was told she may see her referral late Spring of 2009............that would mean we would receive our referral 3-6 months's still looking good to bring our Lily home in 2009!

Keep praying my friends and family---God is listening!!!

I just want to say this: "YAY!  YAY!"

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