Friday, January 09, 2009

Enjoying The Thomas Family!

When I first met Kirby & Austin, at age 6 & 8, in the Towers Lounge at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel where I had just started working, NEVER did I imagine them all grown up and playing with my daughter!

Austin is now 21, (!), and is on her school's Field Hockey team and a beautiful person inside & out........Kirby is 19, and finishing her 1st year away at college.  Paige reminds me so much of Kirby when she was a little girl, and I only hope that Paige turns out to be such a special, kind, giving person as Kirby is one day!

Paige jumps right in and hangs out with the "big kids" this pic (L to R) Kirby, Douglas (12, Kirby and Austin's brother-he is also a super kid!), Paige in her bear hat, Austin, and Austin's friend Chelsey on It's A Small World..........

Paige and Kirby playing around at the Magic Kingdom with Paige's Pirate Hook & Sword........Arrrghhh!

As soon as Paige and I get showered and dressed, we are up for more Disney Time with the Thomas Family today! YAY!

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