Sunday, January 04, 2009

33 months + 1 day!

Yesterday, was our 33rd month anniversary of our dossier (paperwork) being officially logged in by the CCAA - China Center of Adoption Affairs.......

Way back then, wait times were about 8-10 months......I braced for 12 months.....heck I am a pro now at 33 months!  

This is Paige after drinking Crystal Light Fruit's my very own Batman Joker!, no?

We are both sick, so lots of pj time, movies, stories, and cuddling are filling our days!

We both need to be healthy by Tuesday!  Paige's 4th Birthday Extravaganza & The Thomas Family arrives in Orlando!!!!  Do you hear us GERMS?  We're talking to you....we are evicting you from our host bodies by the end of today or early tomorrow!

.........ok, back to original post topic.....33 months of waiting down, how many more to go??!!

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Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Paige. That stomach bug is no fun, I had it in the middle of Dec.