Monday, January 12, 2009

And this is how the The Thomas Family became my "chosen" family.... go back to 1995, I am working in the Towers lounge at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, and a 6 year old cutie pie comes in and goes straight to the tea box on the buffet.........

I, being the oh so helpful Cast Member, ask this little girl, "Can I help you find something?"........

The little girl responds, "I know what I am looking for.......I am looking for Lemon Lift tea!"

Well, that sealed it, this little girl just jumped inside my heart forever and became family.....

Here we are 13 years later, Kirby 19........and me, amazingly STILL 21......hee hee!

After the "Lemon Lift tea" comment, her 8 year old sister, Austin strolled into the lounge and jumped into my heart too.........and then their parents Cheryl & Doug came in and sure enough you guessed it jumped into my heart!

On that vacation, I made sure to save chocolate chip cookies for the 4 of them, and had them waiting when they got off the elevator after a very long day of theme parking at Disney World -- and that's when I think I jumped into Doug's heart, Doug loves his chocolate chip cookies!

And then in 1996, Kirby and Austin had a brother!  Well, Cheryl had him......and thus Douglas jumped into my heart as well!  

5 years later, Douglas was our ring bearer and Kirby & Austin were my bridesmaids!

And now Paige is just as crazy in love the Thomas Family as I am!

Thank You God for bringing the Thomas Family into our Forever Family!

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