Wednesday, January 07, 2009

In The Magic Kingdom - A 4 Year Old Gets A Credit Card!

Once again, only in Disney World!

As part of Disney World's latest promotion, "What Will You Celebrate?", Disney is giving away a free one day ticket on your birthday.......

Well thanks to Grammy & Pop Pop's yearly birthday present, Paige is the proud owner of an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World (and me too!  YAY!)

So, if you own an Annual Pass, a free one day ticket, is not necessary......well, you can get a Disney Fun Card.....a gift card with the amount of the one day ticket to spend in the shops at Disney World!  Cool, no?!

Paige got her very own Disney Pre Paid credit card worth $63 to go hog wild shopping on her special day!

Her 1st purchase was a coon skin hat in Frontierland!  tee hee!  this kiddo tickles me.....

The Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar was GIVEN to her by a very nice Cast Member, who was just as tickled by Paige in her coon skin hat as I was!  This picture was taken around 10:10am yesterday.......that's some way to start off a birthday celebration!

Donald Duck also LOVED Paige's fashion accessory choice.....they matched!

When Paige went to make her 2nd Birthday Fun Card purchase, she was sprinked with Pixie Dust!  See her holding her Disney Credit Card?!  Why don't the cashiers at Target do this when I am paying our grocery bill?  it would make grocery shopping a bit exciting........

FYI:  the Cast Member told her to make a wish before she Pixie Dust'ed Paige, her wish:  "That my sister Lily comes home".........(my wish too my baby girl!)

Paige's 2nd purchase: Baby Belle wrapped in a blanket........

she has wanted this doll for months!  Everytime we are at Disney World, she goes up to this doll and hugs her and says, "Mama, can I PLEEE-ASE have her?"

Because I need to buy the" aforementioned" groceries at Target, Paige's Baby Belle doll was not in our budget........but getting to buy her with her Disney Credit Card made that purchase soooooo much sweeter for Paige!  

Can you see how freakin' happy she is with her doll?!?

Her 3rd purchase was a Light Up Minnie Mouse "snow-globey" toothbrush, 

The remaining purchases on Paige's Disney Credit Card were little presents for Cheryl, Doug, Austin, Kirby, & Douglas who came to Orlando yesterday for a little celebrating with Paige, Mickey Mouse, & warm Florida sunshine.......

.......these little treats were folding/reuseable Mickey tote bags for the girls, a Disney airplane for Douglas, and a Mickey Mouse pen for Daddy Doug to keep him stress free at work, and when he is paying the credit card for this Disney vacation!

Thank You Disney World for Paige's gift card!  She had a ball picking out her birthday surprises!  What a fantastic opportunity for a 4 year old girl!

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Ron said...

Great pics! Gotta love Donald:)