Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a momentary blog break from our china adoption & our now 5 year old!, daughter paige:

My very precocious 4 year old niece, Miss Claudia, no she's not Hannah Montana; is getting ready for a vacation with her family to California.

You know how you never really "know" what a child thinks in their brain? For example, Paige who spoke to her Aunt Thel the other night, (Aunt Thel lives in Tampa, Paige lives in Orlando for those of you new to my blog- a little back info) so Paige says after hanging up the phone, "The next time I go to visit Aunt Thel do I need my passport? Because Tampa is in another state, you know Mom!" Can you tell Paige's parents are gearing up for a trip to China? There is MUCHO talk about passports, visas to China, etc. etc. etc.

Ok, so back to my precocious niece, Miss Claudia who is getting ready for her vacation to California, she says to my sister, "Mommy, I need to pack my jewels!" (she is obsessed with her plastic beaded jewelry) "And we should see Miley Cyrus' house while we are in California!"

Ummmmmmmm, yup! Claudia so very much "gets" her upcoming vacation to California! Get your Aunt Catherine an autograph while you are there & some Harry Winston jewels while you are at it! Love you kiddo!

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