Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it possible that all 1 billion people in China are in Hong Kong this week?

video video

Here are two videos of me just to show you how crowded everything is. I feel like I'm doing a documentary, but it's fun. The first is from Disney yesterday and the second is from the tram to Victoria Peak today.

We had a great day today. We started the morning off with a phone call to Paige, who we miss more than words can express. A couple of more hours of sleep and then a couple of Egg McMuffins later (one each, thank you) and we were off. We headed to the Star Ferry and went across the harbor to Hong Kong Island. We took the tram up to the top of Victoria Peak. It was chilly and overcast but still much better than yesterday's weather. Then we went to Stanley Market. Catherine is pretty exhausted, but still loving every minute of it. I'm having a blast, too. Only two more days in Hong Kong and three more sleeps until until we get Lily!


China Dreams said...

All of China is crowded like this-at least, all of it that you are likely to see. The rudeness and pushing that you explained will not be found everywhere, though.

debby said...

love the videos!! i guess everyone knew you guys were coming :) Love hearing all the updates!! Can't wait to meet Lily.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever make it to the bathroom? Do they sell Depends in China? LOL!!!The girls all say "hello" and are so happy to follow your journey! (ghc's..)

Shannon said...

WOW! that is a LOT of people!