Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank God For Madonna!

......and her song with Justin Timberlake (love him!) 4 Minutes.........

Paige LOVES this song and so do I, so no complaints from me!  The less Barney, Wiggles, and Playhouse Disney playing in my car the better :)

So this morning we are grooving and dancing our brains out on the way to preschool, we pull up to the drop off spot at her preschool, a teacher's assistant opens the car door, and for the 1st time ever in Paige's school career.......she CRIES and wails, "I want to go home Mommy!"

All of the other teacher assistants & the school's director, looked shocked and start whispering.....Paige is the kid who bounds out of the car, tells anyone who will listen what she had for breakfast and that she likes their shoes this was a different Paige, one they had not seen.....yet!

I pull the car out of the drop off lane, and talk to my kiddo.........what's wrong, why do you want to go home?, are you scared of something?, tell me the truth.....Now there was a large part of me, that wanted to pull out of that school lot, take my babe home and make snacks and watch movies all day with her :)

Finally, she says, I need to hear Madonna one more time.......and so 4 Minutes is cued up on my ipod and we sing and dance without the constraints of a seatbelt & car seat harness.  And oh we danced!  I can imagine what the teachers thought.......We drove around to the drop off spot again, teacher's assistant asked if she was ready now, Paige responds, "Yes!  I just needed to dance with Mommy to my favorite Madonna song again!"

that a girl, miss Paige!

I am working on a Madonna playlist for my ipod for Paige, care to share your favorite Madonna song that you think should be included?  Leave it in the comments section of the blog!

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