Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wildfires Are Awe Inspiring Works Of Mother Nature....

.....last week Paige and I were sitting in our living room catching the latest episode of Toot & Puddle, when out of the blue there was this lightning strike that sounded like it landed right on our sofa!

....we both jumped out of our skin, and then poor Paige freaked out more when she saw her mama was really freaked out......

1st we shut off Daddy's plasma T.V., (I would not want to live through the experience of something bringing harm to Daddy's T.V.)

2nd we started reading all the Toot & Puddle books we picked out together at the library

3rd within a few minutes, Paige says, "I want to look at the sky and see if I see rain yet." So off we go to the patio, where I can see the traffic behind our house is at a standstill and fire engine lights......

4th "Hmmmm......Paige lets go out the front of the house and see what's going on"

.........and this is what greeted my you see the flipping FIRE TRUCK & SMOKE that is DIRECTLY across the lake from our house?!?!?!?! That lightning bolt started a fire in the conservation area next to our house!!! OMG!

........It takes a few seconds for my brain to process what my eyeballs are seeing, and then Paige & I race back to the house, & "Smart Mommy In An Emergency Situation" grabs her CAMERA and goes back out to take PICTURES, by the time I got there the flames were low.....phew...

I tell Paige to get dressed (she was in a nightgown) and think to myself, "Get cat, get dogs, get Paige & get Mommy and Paige's sleeping blankets".......(NO THOUGHT to the house insurance papers, pictures, passports, birth certificates, nope just the cow blankets Paige & I sleep with!)

Now mind you, while these thoughts are racing through my head, Paige is running around the house in underwear freaking out like her mother (poor kid is doomed).

But then after a call to Daddy, who called our neighbor Bruce, who went out and surveyed the wildfire situation and declared an all clear......Paige put back on her nightgown & Mommy had 2 glasses of wine.

........and here is a picture of Bruce, "assessing" the wildfire situation!

Our neighborhood was VERY fortunate, there are many other local central Florida neighborhoods that are being evacuated due to wildfires.......and some families lost everything......

I personally wanted to run up to those firemen and hug them! A huge thank you to all those firefighters who are keeping people safe!

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