Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days As A Parent?

..........where the day started off just wrong and then turned into one of your best days being a parent???  me neither, until today!

p woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, & I sent her back to bed......well it REALLY worked......she SOOOOO had a "right side of the bed" day!

after p's dance class, we went with my parents to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours to enjoy the beautiful weather Orlando has been having!  We get to wear turtlenecks!

well p just hit the disney "lotto" with tons of fun & special moments following her throughout the afternoon........this kid definately has a guardian angel!

1st: she was asked if she would like to make a handprint for Mickey Mouse's personal Hollywood Handprint Book

2nd: she finally met Mike the monster from Monster's Inc......we haven't been able to meet him yet, so this was HUGE for p!

3rd: we got a great seat for the daytime parade ( a + for mommy to SIT down!)

4th: when we went to go on the Great Movie Ride for the 2nd time of the day, p started telling her life story to the cast member, Bridget, working outside the ride......well, this very, very kind cast member, asked p if she wanted to ride in the 1st row and not have to wait in line........ummm.....YES!  Jessica was our cast member guide on our no wait/front row seat.....we all loved EVERY second of it!!!

5th: after the great movie ride fun, we went back to get our stroller and thank Bridget again for our fun ride, when Bridget introduced us to Janson........

Janson has my dream job at Disney World, he is a Dream Squad cast member, and it is his job to give away dreams to guests all day long, 5 days a week!!  dreams such as, a night in Cinderella's castle, a dream fastpass, free mickey mouse ears, etc....

Well, Janson and p hit is off, and p told him all about her sister waiting in China, and how p is still sick from a cold, and needs to eat protein to get name it--she told him......well, Janson asked if we had been on the new Toy Story Mania ride yet,  which we hadn't because the line is always so long, and today it has been 60 minutes when we walked past it......

P & I played a pixar movie trivia game......which we did FANTASTIC at, because p has been watching pixar/disney movies since she was 3 months old!  (thank you Toy Story 2 for keeping my baby happy & content for all those months in her baby swing!)

well her "prize" was a bunch of cool stickers.......which p was gagga over, and FASTPASSES for Toy Story Mania to ride right that minute with no wait!!  I was gagga over that!  He personally escorted us to the ride, and we had a ball!

We even saw Janson, in the parking lot when we were leaving, & he called p over, and walked us through the parking lot.....he is one of the nicest people I have ever met....when the dream squad ends next year, Janson will go back to his former cast member positions at the Haunted Mansion & the Jungle Cruise in the magic kingdom....if you ever get the pleasure to meet him--tell him Paige sent you!

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