Wednesday, April 21, 2010

60 days.....

A mere 60 days ago this miracle was placed in my arms in Guangzhou, China. 60 days just seems too short a time span, I simply cannot remember my life without the two miracles God has blessed me with as a mother. Thank you again God. You Rock!

Now don't get me wrong, the past 60 days have not been filled with butterflies and ladybugs flittering happily throughout our home. But there have been many extremely cool moments, utterly exhausting & overwhelming moments (those would be my moments :)...moms as a group just have too high expectations of themselves when it comes to their families.

But overall, the past 2 months have gone really smoothly, we are very lucky and blessed.....she went through a "velcro baby" phase where she would not allow herself to be put down when Jack went back to work. I think that it was seperation anxiety from her daddy. That was rough on me, as I wanted to give Paige my undivided attention when she needed it, but w/ a 17 pound person attached to you makes that a little over a month since Jack is back to work my Lily Blu Bird is equally attaching to both of us.....YAY! remind me to post about the flight home from China.....poor poor jackson!

She spends loads of time with both sets of grandparents which she recognizes and enjoys......and when she goes to jack's parents it includes a sleepover with her big sis's a nice quiet time for Jack & I once a week. Can you say we are very lucky in the grandparent department?

Paige is loving being a big sister, but will close the baby gate to the playroom or go in her bedroom and say, "Mom, I just need a little quiet time by myself like you do when daddy comes home from work." Which I look at as a good thing, she is over the moon about Lily being home, waiting impatiently for her to wake up in the morning or from her nap....., and cooing over her like a little mother.........I hope it lasts until the end of time and they are both best buds like me and my sister today.

In the past 2 months, Lily has slept in her crib.....since we went to Ikea and bought a new 2 inch mattress so she could stop scaling her crib like a jailbird nightly. Well that thin mattress and footie pj's to stop traction.

Lily has learned to kiss, this kid LOVES to kiss.......we have afternoon kiss sessions everyday!....started by her!
She can now walk-YAY! I like this one alot!
She can say HI! Babbles non stop......
Has figured how to escape 3 strollers after being strapped in.....I turn around and she is STANDING in the stroller w/ the 5 point
harness still clipped! (I found one she can't get out of at a consignment shop and when I put her in it and walked around the store and she started screaming I knew we had IT!) wish there was a way to check her family tree to see if she is related to Harry Houdini........
Her bloodwork and other "samples" came back perfectly normal, she's had 2 shots and due for 3 more next month. Our pediatrician was extremely surprised and pleased with how great Lily's progress is--Yay Gaozhou Social Welfare Institute!

So as far as 60 days goes, 60 down the rest of Lily's life to go!
And the 3 years 8 months 26 days we waited for you was worth every single second! For the waiting parents reading this, stay strong, it will happen, and when it does you won't forget this so difficult time of waiting, you just are so happy to have your little one home, your brain just doesn't let you go there!


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